Bermuda Is Another World

Bermuda Is Another World

Bermuda is another world, seven hundred miles at sea

and the way the people greet you, is like a friendly melody

to touch a flower, in the morning, to listen to a honey bee

to hear a bird, who sings a song, just to say that we are free.

Bermuda is another world, turn around I’ll tell you why

just to watch the morning sunrise, from the sea up to the sky

to look, across the harour and see a multi-colored sail

to see a water ski on the water, always leaves a snowy trail.

Bermuda is another world, turn around and you’ll be gone

but they’ll always be a memory, that will linger on and on

and someday I’ll hear you say, just as I have said today

Bermuda is anoooother worrrrrld

Bermuda is anooooooother world

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