Division 16 – Electrical

Electricity in Bermuda is provided by the Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited (BELCO), which is Bermuda‘s sole supplier of electricity, operating a generating plant and transmission and distribution systems throughout the territory. It is owned by ASCENDANT Group Limited (AG Holdings Limited), as is Bermuda Gas, PureNERGY Renewables, and inVenture Limited.

BELCO’s two generating stations are fueled by heavy fuel oil and diesel, all of which is imported. Oil is piped directly into the central electricity generating plant via a 9-mile 6 inch underground pipeline from the oil docks terminal. Solar and other renewable energy sources are not used in Bermuda. In 2009, BELCO used approximately one million barrels of fuel. The import duty on the oil is very high, and electricity rates are very high by world standards. BELCO’s maximum generation capacity is 165 MW, produced by diesel engines and gas turbines.[1] The highest peak demand was 122.8 MW, recorded in August 2010.[2] Large commercial organizations use about 40% of electricity produced.

Shannon Tymosko is a 2nd year Electrical Apprentice and KickAss Ambassador. She originally completed a Child and Youth work diploma where she found a passion for people, mental health and learning. Throughout her twenties she worked in a shelter for homeless youth, alongside a career in finances where she worked her way through different position ending in a head office job. Sadly, neither of these jobs were careers that allowed her to thrive. She simply survived. In 2017, her best friend Matt purchased a home and wanted to complete renovations. Both of them at the time were what you would call ‘Green’: someone who has no construction experience. With the help of YouTube, friends, and Google they completed several renovation projects. It was through this process she discovered she loved working with her hands. She felt empowered and proud of each new thing she completed. She knew then, this was something she would like to do for a career. Fast forward a few years and she has come to realize, for the first time in her life she has what she considers her ‘Independence’! Being in the skilled trades has given her the confidence, skills, and community to complete any work tasks or tackle home projects. She is blessed to say this journey has also taken her on a route of advocacy as an Ambassador for KickAss careers. This allows her to take her passion for people that she found while being a Child and Youth Worker and combine it with her new love for the trades.

The standard voltage in Bermuda is 120 V and the standard frequency is 60 Hz AC. Flat, two-pronged plugs (Type A) are in use. All US and Canadian appliances work on the island, without voltage converters or adapters.[3]

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BCSC quiz Electrical

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Architectural Technologist

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