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Bermuda City Hall was based on the traditional Bermuda cottage built of Bermuda limestone block it is the last large building to make extensive use of native Bermuda cedar. 

2023 Schedule

Bermuda College is an internationally recognised accredited community college, we offer associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas in the areas of applied sciences, business, technology, hospitality, and the liberal arts.

The Bermuda Fire Rescue Service protects lives and property in case of fire. It also provides the following services: Emergency services: firefighting; emergency medical response; vehicle extrication

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative services in response to the full spectrum of medical and mental health needs.




Bayethe wena waphakati! Nkhosi ndlovukazi mhlekazi. Wena weMbhubhe.


Bermuda Construction Safety Council All Set For Third Annual Premier’s Awards 2020

The Bermuda Construction Safety Council has the following functions:

  • Open communication with students, employees and employers
  • Ensuring the provision of essential safety programs 
  • Regulating the cost of safety classes
  • Exercising regulatory inspection of safety equipment 
  • Updating safety service providers and safety professionals 
  • Identifying future challenges and goals for the safety culture 
  • Anticipation of hazards and preplanning, detecting unsafe acts
  • Record keeping, emergency response and action plans
  • Growth training and program implementation
  • Positive recognition for positive contribution.
Painting by Tai-Quan Ottley.



The Bermuda Construction Safety Council is focused on meeting the demands of the work force in all areas regarding their work life including education, work experience and healthy sporting activities. The council continues to meet at regular intervals at various locations around Bermuda with different themes and discussion topics. and differing views can be met and disputes can be settled amicably. Anyone can sit in free of charge and have their voice heard as well as have their questions answered by local officials and authorities whom have supported those types of initiatives.

The council has open talks with professionals in the Caribbean, North American, Europe and Africa to stay current expand our communication horizons. We encourage access to continued education courses at Bermuda College, Humber College, ACCA, City & Guilds, OSHA & NCCER.  Many of us have paid large sums of money into institutions and associations for certificates, diplomas and degrees and after completion we face the dilemma of how to get a job without experience and how to get experience without a job.

Bermuda has a high quality of trademanship whom have been revered by overseas employers, however, Bermuda has a very low population than that of other countries. Naturally, there is much focus on profit making especially in a countries with high expenses but also we must focus on every aspect leading up to productivity. It is also noted as having a high level of educated individuals however more and more qualified Bermudians are being laid off without employment or are being forced to work in occupations outside of our education. It is imperative that we are able to showcase our talents locally and internationally along side other workman.

We maintain healthy overseas relations with our American and British employers who have invited us to work with them because of the impression we left on them in the working environment as well as with our Caribbean neighbors whom share in our efforts to improve island safety culture and workforce demand. Many of the Caribbean islands have become successful by adopting our model and now have become major players in the global market and if we are to maintain our competitive advantage we must reinvent ourselves according to the times.

Bermuda is known to have a high quality of legislation however that information doesn’t always reach the day to day worker. We have made it our business to answer the questions of workers that have no other voice other than that of the council and to show positive recognition for workers positive contribution.

The Police Recreation Club located at Headquarters Hill, Prospect Devonshire is an English Colonial architectural style building.

2020 Summit

The Berkeley Institute was built in 2005 designed by architects Kyril Burrows and Phil Nearon of the Bermuda Government and is a Modern Colonial architecture style building.

The First Quarter conference was held at the Berkeley Institute discussing with students on the importance of education, health and safety. Presentations were made by Bermuda College, the Bermuda Health Centre and the Bermuda Construction Safety Council. Students were able to ask questions and give their feedback on current issues that relate to them presently and in the near future as they mature into our future leaders.

Bermuda Cancer and Health Center is a not for profit organization that receives the support from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, to ensure patients can have access to the best standards of care. “We fully support the efforts of Bermuda Cancer and Health to establish a Radiation Therapy service in Bermuda. Azuree Williams is an education co-ordinator encouraged young women to make healthy choices and to get regular screening in order to maintain and prevent health challenges. Ms Williams said other preventive measures include regular exercise, a healthy diet, quitting smoking and a reduction in alcohol consumption.

Bermuda College is an internationally recognized accredited community college, we offer associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas in the areas of applied sciences, business, technology, hospitality, and the liberal arts. Dill is a coordinator who encouraged students to enroll in Bermuda College to pursue higher education. Dill added that Bermuda College students are 3 time more likely to complete their degree.

The Bermuda Construction Safety Council’s Premier’s Awards is to recognize the positive contributions that Bermudians and Bermuda residents make to the island and throughout the world in Health Care & Essential Work, Construction and Sports.

The City Hall of Hamilton was completed in 1960 the (second) designed by Wilfred Onions was inspired by the traditional Bermuda Cottage architectural style building though its central tower demonstrates a Scandinavian influence.[46]

The End of Year Awards was held at City Hall in the Earl Cameron Theatre.












The Bermuda Construction Safety Council provides a platform for workers to voice their concerns on current topics, issues and relevant discussions as well as professional answers according to local administration and legislation and educators the opportunity to assist others reach qualifications from free 1 hour certifications to 4 year degrees.

The architecture of Bermuda has developed over the past four centuries. The archipelago’s isolation, environment, climate, and scarce resources have been key driving points, though inspiration from Europe, the Caribbean and the Americas is evident. Distinctive elements appeared with initial settlement in the early 17th century, and by the second half of that century features that remain common today began to appear.

Pastel Bermuda cottages are often regarded as a hallmark of the island, along with pink beaches and Bermuda shorts; the style has even been described as the country’s only indigenous art form.[1] In addition to the local style, historical military buildings and forts and modern office buildings are highly visible. The historical architecture of Bermuda has received recognition from UNESCO, with the Town of St. George and some twenty-two forts and military facilities in St. George’s Parish being declared World Heritage Sites.

AXA XL Building

Completed in the year 2000 by Ted Wood at Entasis Architecture is a modernist architecture style building.

An International Speakers Conference as held at the AXA XL Building Thursday March 28th 2019.

Introductions: Information, Health, Safety, Environment and Infection Control.

Message from the Information Commissioner’s Office: Angie Farquharson on establishing access to public records, eligibility and rights.


Message from Bermuda Health Centre: Azuree Williams on Health Risks, Lifestyle Changes and Treatments.


Message from Environmental Officer: Claire Jessy on Environmental Reports, Medical Significance and Unwanted Introductions.


Message from Safety Officer: James Gould on Working at Heights, Statistics and Legislation.


Message from Safety Officer: Michael Parsons on Site Safety, Personal Protective Equipment and Health.


Message from Infection Control Officer: Linda Rothwell on Permits to Work, Risk Identification and Treatment Centers.


Sessions House

Sessions House was established in 1817 and is a Neo Classical architecture style building. 

Message from The Hon. David Burt, JP, MP Premier of Bermuda on Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry.

Message from The Hon. Wayne Caines, JP, MP Minister of National Security on the Hurricane Season.

Message from The Hon. Zane DeSilva, JP, MP Minister of Tourism and Sports on the New Bermuda Championship PGA Tour.

Message from The Hon Lt. Col. David Burch, JP, MP Minister of Public Works on the Railway Trail and Gibbets Island.

The 3rd Quarter meeting of Council was held Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at the College Centre building at the Bermuda College.

An Open Forum was held in the Hamlet Hall Lecture Theatre of Bermuda College for workers to receive information and ask questions regarding Employee Rights, Employer Responsibilities, Certification Programs and Women in Construction.

Guest speakers from the Bermuda Health Council, Workforce Development, Bermuda College, Bermuda Construction Safety Council and Global Environment were in attendance to give presentations.

Message from the Compliance Officer: Elisabeth Kast explained employer responsibilities, legal action and processes.

Bermuda Health Council Act 2004


Employers Compliance Presentation to Bermuda Construction Safety Council

Message from the Relations Officer: Gabrielle Cann explained the law compliance, legislation and arbitration.


LRSection Presentation 1 – September 2018


Message from the Educator: Dereck Bean noted at Bermuda College you will find a student-centred environment where learning and student success are our top priorities.

Message from the OSHA Officer:

Yuri Lightbourne, the CEO of GEI (BDA) Testing has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have in the UK for over 22 years as an Engineering Verification and Engineering Design for an several multinational companies.  I have worked on projects from Nuclear Energy to certification of equipment used in the Oil & Gas industry.  In 2012 I was appointed by the Bermuda Government as Competent Person for Pressure Equipment in Bermuda.

I have reviewed, developed and implemented Safety Systems for several multinational in the Middle East, Europe, North America and South East Asia.

In 2018 I opened GEI (BDA) Testing to preformed Verification, Training and Testing of EMF, Radiation Emitting Equipment and areas, Pressure Systems and Air Quality Testing ( Mold and Allergy Testing). We also review, design and implement Safety for companies. This job is very rewarding and I enjoy making Bermuda a safer place for everyone.

Email: yuri@geibdas.com

OSHA Safety Council Presentation 2018

Message from the Coordinator: The Bermuda Construction Safety Council is meeting to discuss employee rights, employer responsibilities, certification programs and women in construction.

Open Forum Presentation


Through our awards, we set health and safety standards and celebrate best practice.

The End of Year Awards were held at City Hall Art Gallery December 4th 2018.

We also hold a range of professional events, including open forums and college classes, designed to give the community of health, safety and environmental representatives positive recognition for positive contribution.

Introductions:2018 End of Year Awards

Message from Emergency Medical Technician: Veronica Manderson presented medical lines of communication, prevention and education.


The Bermuda Construction Safety & Health Council is a non for profit resource of educational information for construction workers.

We believe that excellence in Occupational Health, Safety & Environment is a philosophy inherent to how we do business in all aspects of our operations. We recognize our most important assets are our people, and that production, quality, and cost-effectiveness can be achieved through the daily integration of our Safety Management Systems and processes.

Hospital All Hands Meeting

The Bermuda Construction Safety Council is a Resource Center for all workers in Bermuda.

Bermuda Electric Light Company Hamilton, Bermuda

Morgan’s Point Southampton, Bermuda

King Edward VII Memorial Hospital In Hamilton, Bermuda

The new Hamilton Police Station in 2011























Author: Brendon Harris

Architectural Technologist

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